Overcome Overwhelm: a program for Emotional Health

Overcome Overwhelm!

Welcome to my revolutionary Heart Entrainment System

     Most of us are scared of emotions, we ignore them or stuff them down, or try and think our way out of them.

BUT how well has that worked for you? Thinking is important but emotions are actually the KEY to understanding what our subconscious is trying to tell us (so that we can get unstuck and stop living the same pattern over and over)! I have used my research findings in quantum physics and psychology coupled with what I have been shown through energy work to unlock this key in a simple, effective efficient way.

Stop SABOTAGING yourself and start going where you are meant to go, being who you are meant to be, and doing what you are meant to do!

     With this system you will be able to:

  • Feel Confident

    Often we tend to take on other people’s pain (even strangers!) this leaves us feeling unsureexhausted and overwhelmed perhaps even depressed but we don’t know why. In Module 2 you will learn how to feel safe in your environment and around others so that you can actually connect more deeply and meaningfully with those you want to.

  • Understand your Emotions

    Let’s face it, most if not all of us weren’t taught how to handle emotions and we certainly weren’t taught that they actually had a useful purpose! It’s not your fault. This Heart Entrainment System will teach you how to simultaneously not take your emotions too seriously AND understand the important message that your subconscious is trying to tell you through your emotions. It’s a tricky balance but once you understand Heart Entrainment, everything falls into place. That would be pretty useful right?!

  • Know You

    Sounds simple enough right? But sometimes we can focus so much on others that we don’t actually even know what we want. In this program you will learn who you are, and what would be best for you. This is integral if you want to have happy fulfilling relationships, feel appreciated by others, and take things less personally, That would be nice wouldn’t it?

  • Happy Hearted

    The whole point of this system is to give you insight and understanding into your subconscious so that you can heal at a very deep level. The result? Well in the words of some of my clients: “I feel like a hole has been filled inside of me”-Gibsons, “finally I’ve met someone that really loves and appreciates me, and I actually let them!”-Vancouver, “You have saved my life, I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for you“,-North Vancouver “I was finally able to take action so that now I have my dream job!”-Burnaby


How much do you want your situation to change?

Often times we really want change, and perhaps you've even tried everything but you still feel stuck and discouraged, so...

Why do you think nothing has changed?


As a society we're not taught much about our emotions, or the subconscious... It's NOT you fault!

And yet emotions are the key! Your heart is the gateway and emotions the messenger. They are how your subconscious talks to your conscious mind. If you are experiencing uncomfortable or "negative" emotions then that's because your subconscious is telling you there is a block or a wound that you need to heal.... and until you heal or clear it, your emotions are only going to get WORSE!

The 5-Step Emotional Healing System Teaches you: 

  • What your conscious blocks are and how you can change them NOW and prevent you from slipping back into them in the future.
  • How you can effectively support those you love while also taking care of yourself and still have energy left over!
  • How to use your emotions to your benefit and how to clear the emotions that are holding you back (like guilt!)
  • How to identify your unconscious blocks and clear/heal them
  • How to create a healthy core belief system so that you can create your life how you want it to be… instead of just doing “damage control”.
  • AND…. Of course giving you easy exercises and activities so that you really learn and start to Overcoming Overwhelm so that you can live the way you want!

So What Are The 5-Steps...

  • 1

    Getting to the Root of it

    Here you will learn what you are struggling with so that you have an understanding of who you are and what’s actually going on. What does being a Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) mean? Where do you go from here? Plus you will learn the foundational technique of grounding! This is what I use before I do, or ask my clients to do, anything.

  • 2

    Feeling Safe

    We’ve got this big heart and it’s important to protect yourself (out of love not fear) so that you can ask for what you need, feel free to be yourself (and still be loved) learn how to deal with difficult people/situations, not get hurt so easily (it’s possible!) and know what are your emotions and what are actually someone else’s that you’re carrying.

  • 3

    The Key to Happiness!

    Here we focus on creating true happiness that isn't so dependent on what others do or don't do. And the first step is to understand yourself! Yet so many people don’t know who they are, or what they need or want! Instead of feeling confident, joyful and bursting we love, we can feel stressed, unappreciated, and lonely.

  • 4

    How to Deal with Negative Emotions

    It’s essential to learn how to deal with negative emotions (especially guilt and worry) because they are such a waste of time and energy! Guilt and worry are a result of 2 very important (and surprising) things that you will learn about in this program. And all negative emotions have a purpose, and guess what, they just get louder and more annoying to more you try and shove them down...

  • 5

    Learning to Receive

    Lets face it, most of us aren't good at letting others give to us or if they do we really make sure that we do something for them back. But how would you feel if you gave a gift to someone and they told you they didn't want it? Not receiving actually pushed people away! Plus so many of us focus on giving to everyone else that it is important know how fill yourself up, how to tap that unlimited well of energy. You are not alone, there are ways that you can feel supported and truly connected to others... and all things!

Read What Others Have To Say:

"I found [Jennifer] very engaging… and really enjoyed my time here and appreciate the candidness of the program." -Burnaby

"Jennifer was beneficially transparent and honest. Not only was the program captivating but highly educational as well. I found it very inspiring." -Richmond

"Jennifer not only are you my hero, but most importantly you have taught me to be my own hero" -West Vancouver

"Jennifer honestly taught me how to turn lemons into lemonade, I am so grateful to her" -North Vancouver

"In this program I learnt lots of strategies and am more aware of what's really going on. I like the information covered and taught. I liked sharing our experiences with others. I learned a lot."-Burnaby

"I found Jennifer very engaging, honest and personal."-Los Angeles

"After working with Jennifer because I was lonely and sick of being in crapy relationships, I ended up finding my perfect partner who was there the whole time! now we are engaged!" -Vancouver




Now, don’t worry if this all seems (ironically) overwhelming for you.


With a step by step guide and a systematic approach, its simple to know what to do next and what small things you can incorporate into your life to create true lasting transformation.

My research in quantum physics (which I really use in the visualizations I do) my experience working with literally hundreds of clients, plus my own journey of being a Highly Sensitive Empath and the struggles and joys and realizations that it has given me has all allowed me to streamline this process for you so you don’t have to go through the intense struggles, anxiety and depression that I went through.

This program teaches you what a gift your huge heart is and how it can be used to make your life exponentially better (because right now I guarantee it can feel like a curse)

I am a huge advocate of integrating practical solutions, changes in thinking, and working on an energetic level. I think it is important to work on all three levels and unfortunately I haven’t seen many programs that do this.

SO how does this program work??

The program is delivered using an online platform that you can access from the privacy and convenience of your own home. It happens during a 6-week period where every week you will be given the link to download activities, exercises, and the lesson for that week. You will be able to download this so that for the rest of your life if you ever feel yourself slipping into old habits you can just quickly refer back to whatever step you need a refresher on.

And because I want this to be a no brainer for you, because I want you to feel truly supported and know that you are not alone and that there is a way out of this I have some bonuses for those who join this program.

Not only will you have access to the online program but I will also give you access to the Emotional Healing group that I've just started for those of you who are just taking this program. Here you can share, ask questions, give insights and feedback to each other in a safe place (I’m very protective of those I work with). Plus you will have access to me and can ask me any questions whenever you need!

To Recap, the COST of each of these:

6 week online group ($2000)

Access to the online Facebook group ($500) where you get...

Personal comments/suggestions and support from me ($1000)

That’s a total of : $3,500!

BUT I'm not even going to charge you half that which is $1,750,

or even what I normally charge $997!

You can have this incredible system for... $3500, $1750, $997 NOPE...

I am going to allow you to receive all of this for only...


Overcome Overwhelm!

My Heart Entrainment System

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How long are you going to stay exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed?

How much is it costing your relationships? Your family? Your job satisfaction and performance? Missed opportunities?

The faster you learn how to harness the incredible power of your heart the faster you can get out of misery (even misery that you've become accustomed to)!

Think of all the opportunities you are sabotaging without even knowing it, think of how dramatically different your life could be!

And what about all the people you could support and help more effectively? What is the cost of not being able to truly be there for your family, What is the cost of depression and anxiety, of self medication, or avoiding or trying to fill that void with one thing after another but nothing works...

Believe me I know and I don’t want you to have to go through this!


Plus if you act now you will receive my incredible bonuses! 

***Bonus #1***

Perhaps you've heard me talk about the importance of intuition. IT'S SO IMPORTANT! I strongly believe that we all know what is best for our life but if we can't hear our intuition we don't have access to that knowledge.

I'm not one of those teachers who wants you to just listen to what I say, I want you to be able to know and do what is best for you!!

So because I think this is so important I am including my "intuition activation kit". I have paid over $2000 for courses that taught me how to access my intuition and they didn't contain half the stuff that I am including in here! Honestly this is priceless!


***Bonus #2***

Because I want you to get the results you need, and to have incredible access to your subconscious so that you can permanently heal your blocks and wounds...

I'm offering a very special bonus...

You've probably heard me talk about visualizations, and their incredible power to get tangible results...

Well because I believe so strongly in EASE and EFFICIENCY I am also going to add my 5 most extremely powerful visualizations! These visualizations go perfectly with each module so that you rocket launch yourself in deeper understanding, health, happiness and incredible relationships!

I am so passionate and excited for you to feel happy, connected, loved, joyful, free and confident! How much is that worth for you? can you even put a value on it? My passion is making the world a better place and that starts with you and then ripples to all those you love and all the lives you touch. Join me!

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    • q-icon"But Jennifer I don't want to have anything to do with my emotions!!!"

      I get it, I do! I hated my emotions for a long time and it resulted in me becoming so depressed I had thoughts about killing myself. Emotions are unpredictable, irrational, and extremely difficult to control. That’s why I did my thesis on Quantum Physics, because at least that was scientific! And yet it was my thesis that totally turned my world upside down, because my research showed me the vital importance of emotions!

      Emotions are their own breed and are equally important to how we think. And yet even in the field of psychology we avoid working directly with emotions. Crazy right? Bottom line, emotions are just emotions, they are signals, street signs. They have very important messages and its up to us if we are going to listen to them. That’s it. Emotions are important and trivial all at the same time, you just need to know how to work with them.

      Plus the only way we can avoid emotions is to be dead or completely numb ourselves out. Numbing ourselves works, but unfortunately it’s an all or nothing deal, so if you’re numb, you can’t feel happy or peaceful or anything at all, you just feel like an empty shell or a robot… and that to me is tragic.

    • q-icon“But Jennifer I don’t think I can afford it”

      Money is energy, and the real question is how much energy are you willing to give to create more happiness, peace, and confidence in your life? Think of what the cost would be to you if you don’t make this investment… job satisfaction, job promotions, the disintegration of relationships, not to mention the amount of money that is spent on trying to make ourselves feel better which can easily be over thousands in a year, then times that by multiple years throughout your life! Plus I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get some sort of life changing “AH HA!” by the end of the course! That’s how much I believe in this system! That’s how much I think you need this! Whenever people talk to me about not being able to afford something I almost always see it as a block or lack of commitment to actually making their life better. If however you really struggle with making a one time payment you can contact us and we can arrange some sort of payment plan. I don’t want anyone who is truely committed to making their life better to not be able to take this course because of lack of funds.

      **Also know that as a personal abbundance practice I donate 10% of all profits to charity. Hey, we are all in this together right?!

    Buy Now!

    “But Jennifer, I think I need something that is created for me directly… my problems are different.”

    Yes I do understand that each of us have our unique and individual struggles, and what I have found working with hundreds of HSE’s is that most of these struggles stem from the one of the 5 steps that are outlined in my program. That being said there will be some of you that would prefer one on one coaching from me so that I can laser in, point out patterns and quickly help you heal specific blocks. For those of you who would like more support as you work through this system I am also available for one on one coaching.

    1:1 Coaching

    For those of you who want more support and more of a supported experience 1:1 coaching from me personally is a great option. Here I will work with you more personally to identify conscious and unconscious beliefs, as well as, help you develop effective, efficient and practical strategies that are tailored for you. Sessions can be over skype or you can come for an intensive day here in beautiful Vancouver. Along with 1:1 coaching you will also get access to the Overcome Overwhelm online system and facebook group.

    I only accept a few 1:1 clients and I want to make sure we would be a good fit. Please press the button below to fill out the application page and I will contact you to discuss how we can create a package that is tailored specifically to your needs.


    Apply for 1:1 Coaching Now

    30 Day Money Back from Date of Purchase **Subject to 10% Return Fee**